The differences between hearing and seeing have been taken into various co-op games. Lately, we've seen the extraordinary of the Blind and the Deaf in Weakless, and now, get ready to banish evil spirits with Exorcise the Demons.

This funny co-op indie game has come to Steam without much trumpeting, but it's fascinating enough to catch the eyes of gamers. Don't believe me? Watch the trailer below to see for yourself:

About Exorcise the Demons

If you have experienced instructing other persons completing a complicated task through the phone, you will very likely meet the same experience again in this game. The only thing that separates this game from real-life experiences is that you're expelling evil spirit rather than fixing your parent's internet connection.

Simply talking, the gameplay of Exorcise the Demons is very similar to the famous bomb-defusing game Keep Talking and No Body Explodes. To be more specific, there will be one player taking care of the real task, preparing and performing the rituals while the remaining players will read their parts in the instruction and give the guide to the first player.

Exorcise The Demons Needs Teammates To Perform The
Here's the simple demonstration of the mechanics

However, the game doesn't give you any amount of time on Earth that you need to consume other's instruction. While you're struggling from understanding what your friends are talking about, the evil forces will surround your exorcist and trying to stop you from completing it.

Exorcise The Demons Needs Teammates To Perform The
The sinister creatures will prevent you from fulfilling the rituals

This feature added a lot of challenges as well as some funny moments to your game, even though you are risking your sanity to it. Maybe you can shift the blame to the book reader, and that will solve the problems.

Exorcise The Demons Needs Teammates To Perform The
Puzzles can only be this hard in Exorcist the Demons!

Last but not least, the rituals will be much more complicated than you've thought. In fact, Exorcise the Demons will mix up the rituals' requirements randomly, which force you to locate the exact parts from the book to get through. There are totally 25 stages in the game, which you can enjoy your fun (or quarrels) with your friends.

Exorcise The Demons Needs Teammates To Perform The
There are 25 stages with many kinds of tasks getting randomly mixed

Exorcise the Demons has already launched for PC. You can find your copies on Steam at the discount price of $17.99 each. The 10% discount will last until the end of today, so you'd better be quick to get you and your friends some copies to start playing.

Exorcise The Demons Needs Teammates To Perform The
The game is under 10% discount on Steam right now, and it will end soon!