Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition is Rockstar's latest attempt to bring iconic titles from its golden days to modern standards. However, it looks like the remastered collection of GTA has launched with a lot of issues under the hood, enough to earn it the lowest user score ever on Metacritic. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition's issues.

Gta Trilogy disliked by fans
GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is getting one of the lowest review scores ever.

1. Rockstar review bombed by fans

As there is no way to review the game outside of Metacritic, disappointed fans have gathered to the aggregate review score site to make their voices heard. The game trilogy has since then been review bombed so badly that it now has a user score of 0.5 on Metacritic. This is one of the lowest user scores ever, even lower than Blizzard's disaster Warcraft 3 Reforged.

Since then, a lot of fans have been demanding refunds. This is going to be nearly as big as Cyberpunk 2077's disastrous launch. Rockstar has not been doing well as of late, with GTA 6 apparently in development hell.

GTA 0.5 user score
Fans have gotten really angry with the quality of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition.

2. What went wrong with GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition?

Rockstar treats the fanbase badly

The remastered collection of GTA 3D universe launched with a lot of problems even before the games are released, from both Rockstar and the game itself.

Firstly, Rockstar send DMCA notices to the modders who created the best graphical upgrade mods for GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, removing their mods from the main page. Afterward, Rockstar removes the original games from all storefront. Players just can't get them anymore and any new player must either pirate or buy the remaster.

The price point of the trilogy is also disputed by a lot of players, as $60 is pretty hefty for such as remaster.

GTA removed from steam
You can no longer buy the game on Steam.

Game issues

The remasters were made by Grove Street Games, formerly War Drum Studios. They were responsible for the GTA San Andreas port of PS3 and X360, which is a major disaster on launch. The game trilogy was apparently made by an AI tool from Epic Games, which automatically scales its asset up.

As there is no human involved, there are a lot of bugs, glitches, and outright downgrades. This is unacceptable for a "definitive" version of the iconic game.

There have been a lot of issues since launch, and many of them have yet to be dealt with. Below are a few examples of why people gave it such a low user score:

  • All 3 games run at a mediocre FPS.
  • Some character models look good but others look outright bizarre.
  • Rain particle effects look very distracting.
  • Some missions can't be completed due to bugs and oversight.
  • Numerous graphical bugs can be found throughout the game.

Even the Rockstar Launcher bugs out on players as well. The PC version was down for several days for "maintenance", preventing some players from playing the game. This is due to Rockstar uploading the wrong version of the game, which includes license expired songs that they haven't removed.

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