October has begun and so has the Halloween season. Minecraft players are also feeling the vibe as they are picking on what to build for the spooky occasion. Considering how vast and multi-colored the Minecraft world is, horror builds are a total possibility.

Check out some of the best Halloween Minecraft builds you can take hints from for your own structure of art.


Graveyards are one of the most go-to designs during Halloween in the game. You can use different kinds of stone blocks to craft tombstones.

When building Halloween structures in general, take into careful consideration which blocks you use. Most blocks have to complement other structure blocks in order to make a coherent whole.

One of the best ideas for impressive Halloween Minecraft builds.

Meanwhile, players can use Jack O’Lanterns for lighting as it is the best choice for adorning every Halloween structure.

Huge Jack O' Lantern

Minecraft Jack O’ Lanterns and carved pumpkins are among the special features that players can craft. While these are great decorations for Halloween Minecraft builds, you can upgrade them to another level. A mega big Jack O’ lantern sounds like a good idea.

You can make use of orange blocks such as acacia, orange concrete, or pumpkins to craft a big Jack O’ lantern in the game. For sources of light, use glowstones or shroom lights will totally make the orangish look stand out.

Jack O Lantern
Who wouldn't feel the Halloween atmosphere with a huge Jack O' lantern?

Creepy nether portals

The fact that they are the gateway to the hellish Minecraft dimension makes Nether portals an amazing choice for Halloween. Besides, blocks of Nether portal are also the strangest blocks in the game. They can generate effects that help make a ghostly atmosphere.

You can hide the frame of the Nether portal behind blocks. Therefore, instead of the entire structure, only the portal blocks will be visible.

Portal Halloween
Use Nether portal black to make you design creepier.

Creepy abandoned villages

The creepiest building in Minecraft award can go to abandoned villages. From a distance, we may mistake the person in the village for a common villager. However, getting close to it and you’ll realize that it can be a zombified one. Their houses also have cobwebs and broken doors.

On another hand, you can always decorate the village in your own will. You can choose to keep the zombie village to create a spooky ambiance or get rid of them if you want.

Spooky house

Halloween movies often feature a horrifying mansion or castle. Players can also bring this into their Minecraft world using various kinds of blocks.

Spooky House
Build a creepy mansion or house, the adorn it with Halloween-themed items.

For Halloween Minecraft build, blackstone and deepslate are ideal to use thanks to their dark look. You may also add terrifying decorations and mobs to further improve your spooky creations.

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