PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. It has many versions, including PC, Xbox, PS4, and mobile. PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile are the two most popular versions of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Here’s the guide on PUBG Ko Kaise Kabu Kare for PC/consoles and Mobile you need to know. Check it out with

PUBG Ko Kaise Kabu Kare For PC/Consoles

PC is the first platform on which PUBG Corp. launched its game. Before the emergence of PUBG Mobile, PUBG PC is the most popular platform for this game with a huge number of players. Moreover, this game also dominated the esports world with lots of global tournaments. Here is a brief instruction on PUBG PC control you need to know.

Pubg Pc Keymapping
The Key-mapping For PUBG PC Control On Keyboard

First, to play PlayerUnknown’s Battleground on PC, you will control your in-game character by mouse and keyboard. You should master these tools to play the game like a pro. Here are the keymappings for PUBG PC players should know. To control the movement of the character, such as moving forward, backward, prone, crouch, or jump, etc., use the keys on the keyboard below. Moreover, you had better practice much to master your fingers and keep your characters move smoothly.

Pubg Pc Movement
PUBG PC Controls On The Keyboard For Characters' Movement

Sometimes, you have to control the vehicle in the game. After getting into the vehicle, you use the keys below to control the vehicles' movement on the map. Master this PUBG Ko Kaise Kabu Kare to control your vehicle like a pro player in PUBG PC.

Pubg Pc Vehicle Control
The Key-map For Vehicle Control In PUBG PC

In addition, there are some keys to view controls in PUBG. Players use these keys for some action like aiming, opening scopes, watching bullet drop, etc.

Pubg Controls For Views
PUBG Controls For Viewing Actions

One of the most important skills in this game is shooting. So, players had better master weapon controls in PUBG Ko Kaise Kabu Kare. It's essential to know and master these movements.

Pubg Pc Weapon Control
PUBG Ko Kaise Kabu Kare For Weapons

Besides, you also do other controls in this game, such as turning on/off microphone, get in/out vehicle, pick up supplies, etc. And here are the keys to do those activities in PUBG PC and consoles.

Pubg Ko Kaise Kabu Kare For Others And Mic
Pubg Ko Kaise Kabu Kare For Others And Mic

PUBG players can learn those controls on this key-mapping below.

Pubg Ko Kaise Kabu Kare Keyboard
Key-mapping and mouse controls for PUBG players

If you play PUBG on PS or Xbox, you will use a controller with several buttons. Here are the controller guides for players to learn to play PUBG consoles.

Pubg Controls
Consoles controls

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PUBG Ko Kaise Kabu Kare For Mobile Game

PUBG Mobile is the most popular battle royale game in the world now. To play this game on mobile, you touch the buttons on the screen directly. You need to know well all the functional buttons on the screen as well as the best settings for pro-PUBG Mobile players. This article will give you a detailed guide on PUBG Mobile control buttons as well as the best setting for PUBG Mobile. Check out the best setting to win PUBG Mobile here.

Learn The Best Setting For Pubg Mobile
Learn The Best Setting For PUBG Mobile And Play This Game Like A Pro Player

Lean and peak for a better angle and avoid shots

It’s better to enable ‘Peek & Fire’ options to lean and shoot in PUBG Mobile. It allows you to spot the enemy from a better angle without exposing yourself too much.

Pubg Mobile Peek And Fire Lean Controls
Peek And Fire Lean Controls in Pubg Mobile

Choose Extreme Frame Rate

You should choose the Smooth option for Graphics setting and Extreme for Frame Rate. Then, you can play the game more smoothly in every action like shooting, spotting, running, etc. The Extreme frame rate option only appears when you choose smooth graphics. Then, you should choose the Soft style of graphics.

Pubg Ko Kaise Kabu Kare For Graphics
Choose Extreme Frame Rate in Graphics Settings

Disable Anti-aliasing and Auto-Adjust

It keeps the frame rate stable and helps your phones run smoothly. Besides, your phone won’t experience lag or overload. You can also check out more recommended settings for PUBG Mobile on our website.

Pubg Ko Kaise Kabu Kare For Frame Rate
Disable auto-adjust option for more smoothly actions in the game

Best Aim Settings

If you are newbies, enable aim assist. But if you are pro players or snipers, disable this option for a more accurate headshot. Then, you enable the option ‘Blocked by Wall’ to spot the enemy better. Besides, you had better enable peek and fire to avoid exposing yourself too much when aiming.

Best Aim Settings Pubg Mobile
Best Aim Settings In PUBG Mobile for Beginners: Enable Aim Assist for Better Aiming

Pick-up Settings

If you are beginners, it’s recommended that you enable the auto-loot option. Then, you can focus on the game because the system will automatically pick up what you haven’t got in your bag. However, if you want to loot things you want on your own, you should disable it. So, you will only pick up your favorite supplies and do not waste your time arranging your bag and removing the unwanted ones.

Pubg Ko Kaise Kabu Kare For Pickup
PUBG Ko Kaise Kabu Kare For Pickup

Sound and voice chat

You had better turn up the game sound to hear the enemies. When there are enemies and combat near you, you can hear and know the direction and location of them. Turning off the game sound is a deadly mistake that many players have committed. Ignoring the game sound can make you die because of not spotting the enemies around you.

Pubg Ko Kaise Kabu Kare For Mic And Sound
Turn up the sound to never miss the sound of enemies and fire around you

In PUBG Mobile, communication is very important. So, you should open team voice chat to inform your teammates the location of enemies or direction of movement. Then, turn off the ‘All’ mic so that enemies cannot hear you.

Turn On Voice Chat PUBG Mobile
Turn On Voice Chat To Communicate With Your Teammates

Those are recommended PUBG Ko Kaise Kabu Kare for Mobile and PC/consoles players. To play like a pro, you should know well and master those controls. To update the latest PUBG game news as well as more tips and tricks for players, let's visit