Many articles have portrayed modern life as a zombie onslaught, as people just living aimlessly and emotionlessly every day. However, seeing such a concept in video games is very rare, until Mosaic appears on the scene.

Mosaic is a point-n-click adventure game with a dark theme, which will make you look back and wondering: "Am I really living?". Below is the trailer that came out two years ago for PS4, which you can have a look:

The concept of Mosaic

Mosaic sketches the monotonous and repetitive life of an unnamed man, suffering from himself as well as urban isolation. He's struggling to do the same work every day that he doesn't like: waking up, getting out of the bed, brushing his teeth and enduring endless daily works.

Mosaic Preview 1
Mosaic tells the story of a man living his boring repetitive life

Many scenes show how desperate this guy is, with a bunch of out-of-due debt letters scattering on his table, texts from his boss scolding him for not fulfill his tasks popping up on his phone, and etc. Players will find themselves in the game in no time, as the game is short of everything but sorrow, pressure, drudgery, and desperation.

Maybe our real-life is much more colorful, as we have our families and friends always willing to raise us up and make our day. However, the world of Mosaic is not that friendly, as everyone is just existing like a zombie. There's a gut-wrenching scene where the protagonist tries to look at some people in the eyes in the elevator, just to be completely ignored. All other characters in this game are made with no face, which means no facial expression, portraying the heartless modern world.

Mosaic Preview 6
He just wants to find someone to talk to, but no one cares

Mosaic is a point-n-click adventure game, in which players don't have to complete extremely hard tasks, but just sit back and sympathy with the protagonist with his obsessing life. To be more specific, you'll help him suit up, do daily chores and tolerating the coldness of people out there. The developer doesn't shy away from anything in this game, as they want to make you feel what this poor soul is feeling: emptiness, depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Mosaic Preview 2
Do you feel yourself inside this man?

But its aim is not all about negativity

The struggle in Mosaic seems limitless, but you'll also catch some precious ray of lights as well. There will be times you walk through a corridor with the sun emits its rare warm light. Taking him closer to the windows, you'll see how these normal warm lights are meaningful for him. He craves those lights - some of the few chances that he can escape from the darkness.

Mosaic Preview 4
The warm lights over the windows make him better for a while

And then, magic comes. On his familiar paths, he comes across something beautiful that breaks his common dark life. From that moment, the game is full of heart-warming moments, just like a heavy rain after a long drought.

Mosaic Preview 3
Rescuing the lonely cat that stuck on a high tree is what he'd never expect to happen with his life.

This experience delivers Krillbite Studio's message that the world is not always full of unfortunate events, as there will always be hope somewhere. Just protect your soul and be ready to hold it when it comes to you!

To cut the long story short, with simple point-n-click mechanics, beautiful lo-fi poly graphics and emotional story, Mosaic is a great game to reminds you about how you should live in real-life. You can have a look at IGN's 17-minute impression of the game here to catch the vibes:

Release date and supported platforms

Even though the first trailer of Mosaic has come two years ago, the game still doesn't have a specific release date yet. But if there are nothing changes, Mosaic will come out at some times in 2019.

At launch, the game will support PS4 and Xbox One and PC through Steam.