The award-winning developer A Brave Plan has opened up a landing page for their upcoming game - The Bradwell Conspiracy in July. However, it's not until today that we have more information on the game's story and gameplay on it.

Apart from adding that information to the Landing page, the developer also released a trailer for the game as well. You can see it below:

The story of The Bradwell Conspiracy

The Bradwell Conspiracy takes the settings of the world in 2026, with a lot of modern technology. One of them is the "Clean Water Initiative" - a ground-breaking technique from Bradwell Electronics. This initiative is promised to change the entire world, and the technical corporation is showcasing it at the prestigious Stonehenge Museum.

The Bradwell Conspiracy Unveils The Mystery Behind
However, the museum somehow get exploded

However, the event doesn't go as planned, as the entire room exploded from bright light, collapsing everything to the ground. Wake up from the explosion, you find yourself trapped and disoriented in this ruin with your ragged throat. Luckily, you're not there alone, as there is another survivor named Amber, but he's on the other side of the door.

However, since you can't speak, the only way you can communicate with him is sending images through the VR Glasses from Bradwell Corp - AR Smart Glasses. With the information of the surroundings, you two will work cooperatively to find a way out of this situation. But as you progress, you start to unravel more than just an escape - a sickening truth behind the company.

The Bradwell Conspiracy Unveils The Mystery Behind
Investigating through the ruin to find an escape

What has caused the explosion? What's the mystery of Stonehenge? Is Bradwell really good and compassionate as it seems?

Unique gameplay features

The Bradwell Conspiracy is a first-person narrative game, as you'll explore the ruin behind Stonehenge Museum through your own eyes. Most of the time you'll have to solve challenging puzzles to find a way out and the secret behind Bradwell's plan.

The Bradwell Conspiracy Unveils The Mystery Behind
The game is called "The Bradwell Conspiracy" for a reason

The unique thing about this game is the NPC - Amber. He (or she) will add narrative elements to your journey, as you sent her the 3D-printing through the VR Glasses. And from the hand of the developer that has won the BAFTA awards, we can expect the plot twist in this game to be like no other!

All PC, consoles and mobile players will have chances to get into this story when The Bradwell Conspiracy comes out this Fall. To be more specific, it will support PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Apple Arcade.

The Bradwell Conspiracy Unveils The Mystery Behind
The game is coming out in Fall 2019

Are you looking forward to trying The Bradwell Conspiracy?