Amouranth is a female Twitch streamer, who has thousands of viewers every stream. Her content varies from gaming to dancing to IRL. Sometimes she plays Minecraft or indie games, other times she goes shopping or swimming in the pool.

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Amouranth do various types of content on stream

In a recent stream of Amouranth, she went out shopping in an IRL stream with her Twitch streamer fellow Devin Nash. As they were walking around a shop, Devin asks why Amouranth stream in her bedroom, not knowing that it is actually the ultimate secret to get more views of Twitch female streamers. Amouranth reply:

“Better lighting and a bed when I run low on views. When I get low on views I can just lay there in the bed, that’s the new meta on Twitch for girls. Yeah, it is really.”

Amouranth claims that this is the latest trend of female Twitch streamers and it always works. Devin then asks Amouranth if she does this herself, to which she reply:

“Occasionally. Lately, I haven’t had to because my views have been pretty okay.”

They then quickly turn the conversion into the products in the store.

It is actually quite crazy that female streamers on Twitch now can just lay in the bed and get thousands of views while other content creators have to come up with new content every day. But it is what it is and the viewers love it.

Based on 2020 statistics, the most popular female streamers are gaming female streamers such as Pokimane and Valkyrae rather than IRL streamers so it's clear that this tactic will work as a quick boost and it will go away soon.

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