Pokimane is currently among the world’s most popular streamers. She has gained millions of fans on various social media platforms.

The streamer usually tries different games and talks to her fans via the Just Chatting feature on Twitch. Pokimane also plays with random followers, who are often over the moon if they have that chance.

However, in some cases, especially if you have a jealous partner, playing with her can get you in big trouble.

In some cases, playing with Pokimane can cause you big problems

A video surfaced recently reveals a stream in which a fan got beaten up by his girlfriend when he was playing with Pokimane. The poor man had to leave midway due to the incident.

The streamer is known to be friendly, which makes the incident even more worrisome as the man did nothing but joining a game with her.

Ever since the video surfaced, its comment section has been busting with opinions regarding relationships in the era of streamers.

In the 48-second clip, Pokimane was playing Fortnite with a fan when his girlfriend came in and interrupted the game. She seemed upset that her boyfriend is playing with the 24-year-old streamer and started to strike him all while everyone else watched in confusion.

The man later cried out:

Screenshot 1

This made the streamer cried out:

Screenshot 2

The man had no other way to deal with the situation but to leave the game early. Pokimane later said farewell to him.

Screenshot 3

While at first, the clip might be hilarious, netizens didn’t waste this opportunity to raise the problem of jealousy and double standards:

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While it’s possible that the couple just had friendly banter, the sounds of the incident suggest otherwise.

It’s worth pointing out that Pokimane and the man didn’t even flirt with each other so resorting to violence just because of a game is definitely overreacting.

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