CarryMinati is among one of the most well-known Youtuber in India with millions of views in every video of his. His main channel is CarryMinati with more than 24 million subscribers. He has a second Youtube channel called Carryislive, where he streams games.

Carryminati 1200
CarryMinati is among the most popular Youtuber in India wit more than 24 million subscribers

This second Youtube channel is currently having almost 7 million subscribers. This made him the target of hackers, who took over his Youtube channel and then sent out fake messages to ask viewers and subscribers for Bitcoin donations. They change the description of the channel as well as restream an old charity stream of CarryMinati with the description for Bitcoin’s address to trick the audience into thinking that it was real.

As soon as CarryMinati was aware of this, he immediately contacted Youtube India through Twitter for assistance. Team Youtube responded to him an hour after that and resolve the problem. CarryMinati has no idea who hacked his account but he confirmed that Team Youtube helped him get back his channel.

Team YouTube tweeted, “We’re really sorry this happened. Mind following us so we can continue with next steps over DM?”

Obama's Twitter hacked post

CarryMinati was not the only target of this incident, however. Many celebrities such as Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates also got their Twitter account hacked with posts that asked followers to donate Bitcoin. This was obviously an organized scheme that targets the most popular people to trick people sending them Bitcoins.

All the problems have been resolved now but many people have lost a lot of money due to these scams. This sparks a great question about the security level of these giant social media companies.

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