Since birth, streamer Qizai (born in 2002, China) was revealed to live with muscular dystrophy. His situation began to get worse when he was 7 years old. Qizai couldn’t walk normally and then this disease left him paralyzed from the waist down.


Qizai, therefore, became very reserved and seldom had a talk with others, as well as seldom left his house. At his age of 12, he was given an old smartphone (by his cousin) that then helped him start to communicate with the outside world.

In the virtual world, Qizai has learned how to play games and soon realized the huge attraction of eSports. Since he has fallen ill, his father no longer worked as a truck driver in the city, while his mother had to earn life by planting and selling vegetables next to their house. Furthermore, his grandfather retired, and therefore, his whole family met ends meet with the total monthly income of Rs 22k to Rs 33k.


Two years ago, Qizai’s grandmother became ill and paying for her medical care and drugs led to his family’s economic ruin. Additionally, paying for the tuition of his younger sister is another problem.

The 2002-born guy started to help his mother peel walnuts to make extra income. However, because of his illness, all he could do was just very limited. At that time, Qizai came up with an idea to earn money by playing games on live streams.

On the first live stream, Qizai borrowed the vital equipment from his friends; however, he felt embarrassed in front of the camera. He decided to keep a secret about his disease. The streamer revealed that he didn’t want others to feel sorry for him.

Qizai Heel Walnut

Over time, Qizai has gradually made an impression on his audience due to his good ability to play games and impressive interaction. There has been a considerable increase in the number of viewers. Some even consider him as an idol and a positive influencer. The young streamer has started to feel opener and more comfortable whenever mentioning his current situation.

After nearly two years of streaming, Qizai has now had more than 380k fans. His monthly income reaches about 10k CNY (about Rs 110k). He can not only pay the tuition for his younger sister but he also becomes the economic pillar of his family.

Qizai 1

Qizai revealed that he was diagnosed with total paralysis. Therefore, he wants to earn a lot of money to help his family while he can still move his arms. The young streamer has also received huge support from the netizens. Last birthday, thousands of netizens sent warm-hearted wishes and presents to him.

He said that although his father always advises him to stay healthy and not to work too hard, he seemingly doesn’t feel tired at all when live streaming and receiving support from the netizens.

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