Aaditya 'Dynamo Gaming' Sawant is probably amongst the most popular gaming streamers in the world - and he is definitely the most popular in India. Currently, the guy has over six million subscribers on his 'Dynamo Gaming' YouTube Channel and over one million Instagram followers. While the guy has played many games, PUBG Mobile is still his best.

A while ago, he shared a post with his followers on Instagram mentioning that he was working on a secret project and more details about that would be available very soon. Later, it was revealed on his YouTube channel that the project Dynamo was working on is a short movie about his life and how he managed to reach where he is today. The name of the short film is going to be 'Hustle Bustle' and it is going to be uploaded to his YouTube channel very soon.

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The Poster for his movie was later posted on the Community Tab of Dynamo's YouTube Channel

According to Dynamo, this is something he cooked up during the COVID-19 quarantine and that during times like this, he actually realize how fragile humanity is and appreciate life much more. Furthermore, Dynamo stated that he went into this from zero, with a lot of uncertainty about where his life would eventually head to - but he insists on keep going.

Indias Dynamo Gaming Leads After Pubg Mobile Star
Dynamo is easily the biggest video game content creators in India by a huge margin

A sneak peek of 'Hustle Bustle' was revealed during one of his YouTube Stream reveals that alongside Dynamo, his mother, sister, and other family members are also going to appear in it. Currently, they are still working on the final touches for the movie, and because of that, its release date is not clear. Fans of Dynamo are eagerly waiting for this movie and the chance to get to know the guy better

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