While girl gamers and streamers are not very rare things nowadays, this streamer is truly exceptional. The Thailand gaming community is probably way too familiar with this name Bizcuitbeer, a stunning Mobile Legend: Bang Bang girl streamer.

Bizcuitbeer's real name is Beer Passaranan (1995). She was actually a singer with many hits with millions of views on YouTube. But still, since she loves playing games, she became a full-time streamer. She is very good at playing many different titles, especially Mobile Legend: Bang Bang. She has a YouTube channel with 416 thousand subscribers.

Girl Streamer
Beer Passaranan is a Mobile Legend: Bang Bang streamer from Thailand
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Beer Passaranan loves playing video games and is good at a lot of games

With her beautiful face and her cute smile, she can easily take down any guy she wants. She also has a rocking body of a supermodel, especially when she is on a bikini. She has been many big Mobile Legend: Bang Bang tournaments in Thailand as a guest and as an MC due to her popularity.

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This girl was actually used to be a singer with many hits but she decided to be a streamer
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Beer Passaranan not only owns a pretty face but a rocking hot body as well
Photo 1 1603218474405467023337
Beer Passaranan is truly stunning, especially when she is in a bikini
Photo 1 16032073123591451202212
Beer Passaranan's photo on her Instagram
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Beer Passaranan's photo on her Instagram
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Beer Passaranan's photo on her Instagram
Photo 1 16032185121051547043872
Beer Passaranan's photo on her Instagram
Photo 1 1603218428277208716584
Beer Passaranan's photo on her Instagram
Photo 1 1603218496819279333237
Beer Passaranan's photo on her Instagram
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Beer Passaranan's photo on her Instagram

Beer Passaranan also has an Instagram page with more than 662 thousand followers. You can check out her Instagram here for more photos of hers: www.instagram.com/beerpassaranan/?hl=en

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