Because of the COVID-9 pandemic, streamers and the streaming business have gotten a huge boost along with the increase of many bizarre types of content. Sleeping streams is now one of the biggest trends on Twitch at the moment for IRL streamers.

Generally, this strategy works well with beautiful female streamers for obvious reasons. However, this male streamer with the name Asian Andy is totally on another level as he managed to earn Rs 11 Lakh in just one sleeping stream.

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The sleeping stream is currently the biggest trend on Twitch and is mostly used by female streamers

During his 7-hour sleep, he allows his viewers to make donations in order to interrupt his sleep. Andy has the text-to-speech recognition system on so whenever there is a donation, there will loud music and the message will be read out loud.

Asian Andy has a creative way to do sleeping stream and he earned Rs 11 Lakh

His viewer sure loving seeing him wake up time after time as they send him loud music, dog bark sound, alarm sound, and control his Alexa to make weird noises. At the end of the stream, Andy got a total of Rs 11 Lakh.

He has uploaded the whole experience on his Youtube channel. At the end of his live stream, he said:

Thank you so much! I used to drive [an] Uber for $16 an hour.

Asian Andy's real name is Steven. He has a Youtube channel of 1 million subscribers. The video he posted on YouTube has more than 4 million views. In a podcast, he revealed that he is not very excited to do this again because he is very exhausted even though he can earn a lot.

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