The further you go into Genshin Impact, the more secrets are waiting to be unwrapped. Apart from hidden loot and items at elusive locations, there are also hidden islands to explore. Taishan Mansion, like the secret Heart Island, is one of those secret spots and you can only enter it after completing the Jueyun Karst puzzle.

Jueyun Karst is located north and a bit east of Tianqiu Valley. As the lake is kind of large, it may take a while to figure out how to drain the water and reveal all the mysteries beneath. All in all, there are two pillars around the lake that you need to interact with to open the domains.

So here’s a guide on how to unlock Taishan Mansion that can save you a lot of time.

Taishan Mansion
How To unlock Taishan Mansion that is submerged underwater?

First Pillar in Jueyun Karst Water Puzzle

The first pillar in the Jueyun Karst puzzle is in the northeastern-most part of the lake. Defeat three waves of enemies that include Treasure Hoarders, slimes, and Hilichurls.

Make sure to use elemental reactions to take them down quickly. Once they are out, open the treasure chest before you head towards the pillar and interact with the glowing orange button atop.

Defeat all enemies and press "Start" to interact with the first pillar.

The game will then play a cutscene showing half of the water being drained from the lake, showing the second pillar you must find ways to activate.

Second Pillar in Jueyun Karst Puzzle

The cutscene will show a pillar in the newly-drained lake that is encircled with glowing, orange runes and a rock on it. Around it is several tiny pagoda-looking statues. Each one needs to be filled with an orange, shining rock. These luminous rocks can be found scattered around the lake; they look a bit like giant black flowers with glowing, orange bits inside of them.

The next step of how to unlock Taishan Mansion is figuring out how you can touch the pillar encircled with orange runes.

Break The Rock
Break the glowing rocks and carry the star to the three statues to activate the pillar.

Notice that there are tiny pagoda-looking statues around it. You need to make them glow by breaking the luminous rocks scattered across the lake. Once you have managed to attack and destroy these rocks that look like huge black flowers with orange waves inside, run to the three statues while the rocks are in your inventory.

Now you will be able to activate the pillar in the middle of the circle. As another cutscene plays, you will be moved on to the next part. Make sure to grab the treasures in the precious chest and double-check later to see if it has respawned with more loot.

Taishan Mansion Door
The domain doorway is now accessible as the water drains out.

The Taishan Mansion domain unlocked

Once the lake is all out of water, players will now see a shining and accessible door. After grabbing the precious chest, continue to the doorway and interact to make it open.

As you have access to the four domains in Taishan Mansion now, assure to have a top-tier team of Genshin Impact characters to go to the bottom of this dungeon.

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