PUBG Mobile beginners often start playing the game with 2 fingers before learning to play with 3 fingers and 4 fingers or more. Pro players also start with a 2-finger claw layout. Check out the best PUBG Mobile 2 finger layout code and sensitivity for beginners here.

2 Finger Thumb Layout
2-Finger thumb layout for beginners in PUBG Mobile.

I. What Is The Best 2-Finger Setup For PUBG Mobile?

Beginners in PUBG Mobile need to start playing the game with 2 fingers. Then, when you master 2-finger claw control, you can upgrade your skills and learn to play with 3 fingers and more. Just do it step by step or you won't succeed. Check out the best PUBG Mobile 2-finger code 2021 for the best control layout here.

You should follow some rules below to have the best layout setting for yourself.

  • Place important buttons that you use more often in your thumbs' reach, such as two fire buttons, the aim button, the joystick, and the sprint button. Make sure that you can touch these buttons with ease.
  • Leave the button size big if your screen is large enough. It guarantees that you can interact with the function buttons.
  • Place buttons near the edge of the phone screen so that your thumbs won't cover the screen when you try to touch those buttons, such as the jump, crouch, prone, climb, loot, lean, and peek buttons.
  • Some buttons that you use less often, such as backpack, get-in-vehicle, and magnification adjusting buttons can be put in the center of the screen. But you need to reduce the transparency so that these buttons won't cover your view.
Practice To Master
Practice and master the 2-finger claw.

II. PUBG Mobile 2-Finger Sensitivity

Besides the best PUBG Mobile 2 finger layout code, you also need the best sensitivity settings for a 2-finger claw.

1. Best 2-Finger Sensitivity No Gyro

Non-gyro players need to focus on the camera sensitivity and ADS sensitivity. Here is the recommended camera sensitivity for a 2-finger claw.

Camera Sensitivity
The recommended camera sensitivity for the 2-finger claw.

The camera sensitivity for close-range scopes should be over 50%. It guarantees that you can react quickly in face-to-face combat and panic situations. The best sensitivity for mid-range combat is 30% and long-range combat is around 20-25%.

In addition, the ADS sensitivity is very important for 2-finger claw players.

Ads Sensitivity
This is a recommended ADS sensitivity for the 2-finger claw.

It's not different from the recommended sensitivity for the camera. Keep in mind that you need to use both thumbs to open the scope and fire at the same moment. Thus, you must have high sensitivity. When you use 3 fingers and more, you can reduce these sensitivity levels slightly.

2. Best 2-Finger Sensitivity For Gyro

Gyro players need to focus on gyro sensitivity. Check out this recommended gyro sensitivity for the 2-finger claw.

As you use only two thumbs to control, you have to rely on the gyroscope to control the gun recoil and the crosshair. So you should leave the gyro sensitivity high to respond quickly in any situation.

You can adjust the sensitivity levels for these scopes and cameras based on your device quality.

Gyro Sensitivity
Recommended gyro sensitivity for the 2-finger claw.

III. Tips To Play With PUBG Mobile 2-Finger Claw

Most PUBG Mobile pro players use more than three fingers to play the game. However, before practicing 3-finger claw, 4-finger claw, or even 5-finger claw, make sure you are familiar with gameplay and skills in 2-finger claw first.

To play well with the 2-finger claw, you need some tips and tricks.

  • As you cannot do many actions at once, you shouldn't play aggressively if you want to push rank. Don't be too greedy when you counter human players because most of them are playing this game with more than 3 fingers.
Play Defensively
Play defensively if you want to push rank when you haven't mastered all skills and actions.
  • Enable Peek & Open Scope. It's difficult to do many actions at once. This feature allows PUBG Mobile players to peek and aim when staying behind the cover. But you shouldn't peek in close combat and face-to-face combat when you are using large scopes, such as 3x scope and larger.
  • Learn to use the gyroscope to control the crosshair and gun recoil when using 2-finger thumb control. It also helps improve your gyro skills, then you can practice and become a pro gyro player when you play with 4 fingers and more.
  • Practice hip-fire and use this firing mode in face-to-face combat.
  • Try to keep the crosshair stable while using jiggle movements to dodge bullets and shoot accurately.

With the best PUBG Mobile 2 finger layout code and sensitivity settings, you can play well and level up quickly. But at higher levels, you will encounter more real players and pro players. Therefore, you should learn to play with 3 fingers and more.

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