The Diwali Invitational Tournament is a PUBG Mobile tournament held by Villager Esports. The event had the participation of 20 PUBG Mobile teams in India to celebrate the Diwali festival, the Hindu festival of lights. The tournament lasted for 2 days and has ended on 25 October and we now have the results. Rip Official was the winner of Day 1 in TPP mode and Team 8bit was the winner of Day 2 in FPP mode.

Day 1 TPP

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Day 1 Over All Standings

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Day 1 Over All Standings

RIP Official earned the most point in Day 1 thanks to their consistent throughout 4 games even though they didn't have any Chicken Dinner. The runner-up was Team IND with 88 points, 6 points less than RIP Official.  They got a Chicken Dinner in the 3rd game but didn't do so well in game 1 and game 4. The same went for Worthy Kings, Fnatic and Enity Gaming in the 3rd and 4th place, they all had one Chicken Dinner but couldn't keep their performance in all matches.

Day 2: FPP

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Day 2 Over All Standings

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Day 2 Over All Standings

On Day 2, we also got to witness a champion without a Chicken Dinner, Team 8Bit. However, Team 8Bit went second 3 out of 4 matches and was the one who got the most kills in total. They ended up with 99 points, 11 points more than the runner-up, Enity Gaming.

Enity Gaming did great on Day 2 and even got a Chicken Dinner in game 1. However, they got eliminated too soon in game 3. They had 30 kills and 88 points in the end.

The other three Chicken Dinner belonged to SouL, Zero Degree, and Crawlers. Team Crawlers and Zero Degree got 5th and 6th place respectively. Meanwhile, Team SouL only got 13th place. Apart from 1 Chicken Dinner, they got eliminated really early in the other three games. Tema SouL ended up with only 38 points on Day 2.