Sykkuno is one of the Twitch streamers who have gotten big thanks to 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. He moved in with Offline TV in August 2020. He, along with streamer in Offline TV have been living and streaming together streamers for a few months before he moved out in November 2020.

Sykkuno Grilfriend
Sykkuno has grown massively in 2020 thanks to Offline TV and Among Us

Sykkuno is currently 28 years old and he is a quite cute looking guy so his fans are extremely curious about his relationship status as they want to see who is Sykkuno girlfriend. He had a lot of interaction with many females streamers during his streams and get along quite well with them so, of course, people have been shipping him left and right and spread rumors all over the places.

But are there any of them actually Sykkuno's girlfriend? In this article, we will sum up all these rumors about the relationship status of Sykkuno.

Valkyrae x Sykkuno Rumor

Valkyrae is the most-watched female streamer of 2020 with 23.6 watch hours, even surpassed Pokimane. Most of this growth was thanks to her participation in Among Us stream with big streamers like PewDiePie, Pokimane,... She was a 100 Thieves streamers on Twitch, but she has switched to stream on YouTube now with an exclusive deal.

Sykkuno Girlfriend
Valkyrae x Sykkuno is one of the most shipped couples because of their chemistry

This is one of the most shipped couples because fans have seen them flirting a lot on streams with each other. Valkyrae used to have a boyfriend but they broke up twice to focus on their career.

“I’m going crazy with content right now because it’s helping distract me from Michael not being around anymore. I hope he is doing okay. Still love and care about him a lot… We had a public breakup last year and it was for the exact same reason. We tried again, and he has got to do his own thing. If you love someone let them go and if it meant to be in the future, it is meant to be.”

While both of them are single and like each other, there is no real sign that Sykkuno is dating Valkyrae at all. They also have never mentioned or discuss this matter on their social media.

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Corpse x Sykkuno Rumor

CorpseHusband is a male streamer who has gotten big thanks to Among Us and his special deep grassy voice. He started out on YouTube by reading and creating horror stories. His channel blew up when he played Among Us with other big streamers such as PewDiePie, Sykkuno, and MrBeast. His YouTube channel is currently having 7 million subscribers.

Sykkuno Corpse
Sykkuno and Corpse know each other through Among Us streams and became friends

His identity is still now a myth to fans. Only streamers who are friends with him know who he is. All we know is that is a 23-year-old guy from San Diego. He suffers from a few chronic illnesses, one of which caused his voice to become deeper. He also confesses that he has to wear an eye patch frequently because of the strain from the light of the computer screen to his eyes.

Sykkuno and Corpse know each other through Among Us streams and became friends. Even when one of them is the imposter, they avoid killing each other. One time Sykkuno stopped for a bit to go eat a taco, Corpse notices him and give him a quick kiss and leave while Corpse was actually an Imposter.

Another time, Corpse finds Sykkuno AFK in the Communication room, wondering what he was doing in there but hope he is happy anyway. He then enters the room and the two stare at each other. Soon, PewDiePie and Cr1TiKaL  get in and kill them both. Their fans called this their "Romeo and Juliet moment".

There are a lot of moments like this during their Among Us streams that caused fans to think they have "chemistry". However, both of them confirmed that they are both straight.

Who Is Sykkuno Girlfriend?

Despite being shipped to many other streamers, Sykkuno doesn't have a girlfriend yet.

During a stream, a fan asked Sykkuno about his girlfriend. To answer the question he said: "Little did you know, I have already revealed my girlfriend. She is right here" and then point into the blank space next to him. "Yup, as you can see, there is nothing there because I don't have a girlfriend".

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