It’s not exaggerated to say that YouTube has become a gold mine in which YouTubers always try their best to create a variety of content even including weird content on purpose to attract attention as much as possible. It worth mentioning that some YouTubers are willing to bet their lives to earn more views and subscribers by the craziest-ever ideas. And in recent days, the netizens have got a shock when watching the two Indian YouTubers join a risky challenge: imitate Ghost Rider in the most stupid way.


Drench Motorbike Gasoline


The audience across the world can’t forget the iconic images of Ghost Rider riding on a flaming motorbike. We all know that these images just appear on wide screens. However, the following two YouTubers didn’t seemingly think like that. They decided to turn themselves into real Ghost Rider by drenching their motorbike in gasoline and burning it literally. They even didn’t wear any protective suits.

Ghost Rider Youtuber

When they just moved about 10 - 20 meters, the flame rapidly covered the whole motorbike. Maybe no one could be brave enough to keep showing off his skills in such an incident. Luckily, these two guys succeeded in jumping out of the motorbike, and those who were present at that time immediately poured the water and threw sand into the fire. It was said that the motorbike in this incident was estimated at about Rs1.4 lakh.

Youtuber Ghost Rider

The achievement these two YouTubers got may also be beyond their expectations because the 8-minute video rapidly attracted nearly 50 lakh views within a few days - the highest views they get since their first days.

However, the below comment box of this video was covered by the heavy criticisms from the netizens. They said that this challenge was too risky and could lead to bad consequences. It’s unnecessary to draw attention by such a stupid method. Of course, the number of dislikes of this video also reached a new record.

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